Red, Pink, and Silver Prints

I’m working on a new series of prints. I’ve been enjoying the process of layering and creating a series of canvases that I can use as a starting point. Remember when I was afraid to layer? Seems like years ago.

Now, I layer several times before I even start on a new picture. I’ve enjoyed learning more about mixed media and it provides such freedom it’s really given me a whole new perspective on creating art.

For this series, I used a lot of reds, silvers, and pinks. I like the vibrancy of those colors. So I took a couple canvases and layered paint and papers over and over until I got it to a point where I was satisfied.

I decided to do a series of prints around the Ichthys or Jesus fish. (Here’s more about it if you’re unfamiliar.) I used papers to layer over the picture and create the base of the fish.

Then I painted and stamped the words on what would be this print. I used the passage from Matthew 4:19: “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Fishers of Men (Pink)

Fishers of Men (Pink)


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    Not only are you layering now, Cherie, but you’re branching out into new color palettes. I love this combo! Love the significance as well.

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    That is so funny! You’ve been creating these wonderful layered backgrounds for so long now that I forgot there was EVER a time when you didn’t do them!!

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