Art for My Mixed Media Christmas Card

I wanted our Christmas cards this year to be fun, homemade, and different. Since I’m wild about mixed media these days I thought I’d create a piece of artwork for our holiday card. I kept thinking of a way to incorporate a couple pictures along with a house design of some sort.

First, I dug through the backgrounds I have and liked this one to start with.


Then I added some more blue and painted the base of the house.


I placed a few pieces of paper next. For the roof, I used some scraps from this cool ruler paper. Then, I added a few pieces of music paper and some from a book. I painted white over the bottom pieces to give the look of snow, but I kept the title of one of the pieces visible because I liked what it said. I also added some black to the roof and then wiped it off to give it a weathered look.


I found a few pictures of us (and our awesome snowman collection) and cut them out.


Then added them to the picture. I had originally thought it would be cute to add our pictures to the windows of the house, but I made the house too small for that.


Then I stamped over the roof part “with love from” and our name.



I added a “Merry Christmas” with stamps on the center of the house.


To finish, I wrote the year on there and added a few pieces from a doily.


Then I chose a background from one of those online printing places.



  1. says

    I was wondering how you would be able to make multiples that did justice to your darling mixed media collage. They came out great! I love all the various elements you’ve used. Placing you two, the dog and your snowman collection in the “snow” is just the perfect touch.

    • GeekGirl says

      The printing place did a great job, and they were actually really cheap. I think I’m going to do this next year, too.

  2. says

    Ditto to what Eileen and Cyndi said… and WOW, what a great idea!!! I love how this turned out!!! I am definitely stealing this next year!

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